Getting Started


You are on the way to getting a truly custom fit from the world's first truly wireless perfect-fitting earbuds. You will need to download the UE FITS App, it will walk you through the custom fitting process.

What’s in the box.

  • 1 UE FITS charging case
  • 1 pair of UE FITS earbuds with moldable tips (Already attached to the earbuds)
  • 1 USB-C charging cable

Before you unbox your UE FITS, download and open the UE FITS App available on the App Store or play store.




Now you are ready to unbox your UE FITS. Take the earbuds and charging case out of the box, open the charging case and place the right and left bud in their appropriate slots. With the case lid open both earbuds will flash white rapidly, indicating that they are now in pairing mode. If they are not blinking rapidly, manually initiate pairing mode by holding the case button for 3-5 seconds until they start blinking.



With your earbuds in pairing mode, open up your phone's Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth and Select “UE FITS”. The bud that you take out first is known as the primary, the primary will then forward your phone’s audio to the other ear. To learn more about this form of connection click here

***If you see “UE FITS L and R” in your Bluetooth setting please follow the instructions below.

With your earbuds in pairing mode, open up your phone's Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth and Select “UE FITS L”, wait 3-5 seconds or until you see a pairing request for your right bud. Select "Pair" when you see the pairing request. You may momentarily see both buds connected, before the right bud disconnects. This is totally normal, and how it's intended to work. The bud that shows up as connected in your Bluetooth settings is known as the primary, the primary will then forward your phone's signal to the other ear. This means you should only ever see one side as connected in your Bluetooth settings at a time. 




Now the earbuds are connected to your phone, go back to the UE FITS App. Select get started and allow your earbuds to pair to the App. After they connect the App will prompt you to try on both earbuds as they will mold at the same time.




Next is the sound test, it will play a tune and prompt you to adjust your earbuds in your ears until they are comfortable, secure and the bass is optimized. At this stage, you will want to move the earbuds around in your ears until you are getting a really good bass response. The better your bass response the better the seal you will get. Once you find that position gently place your fingertip on both earbuds and hold it in place throughout the molding process, no need to press down hard on them.


During the molding process, keep your jaw relaxed and not moving. Your jaw position will change the shape of your ear canals, so keeping it relaxed throughout the process will help create a better fit. 




The molding process will take 60 seconds. During molding you will feel your earbuds get warm, as the Light Form technology goes to work, molding your tips. After the 60 seconds is up your earbuds will be permanently shaped to your unique earprint.




Now take them for a spin playing a few of your favorite jams and immerse yourself in a truly custom experience. Check out all the customizable features on the UE FITS App here.


Not sure if your earbuds are fitting great? You can evaluate your fit using the “Test your fit” feature on the main menu of the App. The App will ask you a few questions to help determine if you’ve got a good fit. If not, the app will guide you by capturing your ears' images with the earbuds in and will notify us. One of our fit experts will get back to you with a solution.

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