UE FITS unique fitting technology

UE FITS are the world’s first true wireless, truly custom fit earbuds that mold to the shape of your ears in about a minute to deliver unparalleled fit and comfort, while also offering premium sound. They are the only earbuds that actually mold to the unique contours of your ears.

The UE FITS’s design optimizes for a perfect fit and superior sound quality. The custom-fit tips mold to the unique contours of your ears, creating a natural seal that blocks ambient noise for effective noise isolation and provides wearable comfort free of pressure, pain, or irritation, even after extended use.

UE’s patented Lightform technology uses light to mold the gel-filled ear tips to the contours of your ears. The silicone tips contain a photopolymer that solidifies when exposed to light. During the fitting process, the App triggers the LEDs embedded in the earbuds and emits a gentle purple glow. The light solidifies the gel and molds the tips to the unique shape of your ears, creating a custom-fit, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. This all happens in 60 seconds.

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