Moldable ear tips

UE FITS come with a pair of our custom patented tips. These gel-filled silicon tips contain a photopolymer that solidifies when exposed to UV light. During the fitting process, the App triggers the LEDs embedded in the earbuds and emits a gentle purple glow of light. The light reacts with the gel and forms the tips to the unique shape of your ear, creating a truly custom-fit experience. The fitting process only takes 60 seconds.

** UE FITS tips are light sensitive so be careful not to expose them to light for an extended period of time before they are molded. After they are molded light will not affect them.

Can the tips be detached?

Yes, to remove tips simply grab the earbud with one hand and the gel tips with the other hand and slowly pull them apart.

Can tips be purchased independently of the earbuds?

Yes, you are able to purchase extra tips on the accessories page of our website.

Do they change shape? Can the tips be remolded?

Once you have molded your custom tips, they will retain the shape from your first mold. Molding the tip again will not change the shape once they are fully molded.

How to clean ear tips.

To clean your UE FITS, detach the tips from the earbuds. Gently wipe away debris and oil with a dry cloth, and if needed, use warm water and mild soap to remove any buildup. Completely dry them before reattaching the tips.

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