Charge your UE FITS

Your UE FITS earbuds will provide up to 20 hours of combined playback time once they are fully charged. The earbuds will carry up to 8 hours of playback time and the charging case holds up to an additional 12 hours of playback time. Placing your earbuds into a charged case will automatically charge the earbuds. You can view the battery life of your earbuds on the UE FITS App when your earbuds are paired with the App.

Charging your earbuds

Charge your UE FITS earbuds by placing the earbuds in the charging case. With the case open and plugged into the charger you should see a pulsing white light inside the case and on the earbuds indicating that they are charging. Once the earbuds are fully charged the pulsing light will become solid white. Your earbuds will charge whether the case lid is open or closed. They will take about 1 hour to fully charge from a drained battery.

Charging your case

To charge the charging case, connect the USB-C charging cable to the port located on the back of the charging case. The cable can be plugged into any USB wall port or computer. Once the case is fully charged the pulsing light on the inside of the case will be solid white.

Low Battery 

When you have about 25 minutes left of listening time on your earbuds, they will reflect a solid amber light on the earbuds and play a “battery low” sound. If the battery on your charging case is low, the LED light will reflect a solid amber color.

Fast Charging

Your UE FITS also offers a Rapid Charging feature that allows you to get 1 hour of playback time with a quick 10 minute charge.

Battery Saving Tip

To save the battery life on your UE FITS, place them back in the charging case when they are not being used. Keep your charging case closed when not in use.

My earbuds will not charge.

Check out the Charging and battery issues article.

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